We make it easy for Businesses and Employees to Access

Our Technology gives you the credit your business needs to cover operational costs and gives employees immediate access to their earnings and free themselves from the stress of waiting for pay day.

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Why payslice
We are Building a Financial Healthy Work Environment for all to prosper.
Get Flexible Credit
Payslice makes it easy to access the cash you need, no matter the nature of your business.
Manage cashflow
Get more from your business account with powerful tools that give you total control over your finances.
Multi-Currency Banking
You can Transact conveniently with a Payslice international account at the tip of your hands
Early salary payments
A Happy Workforce means everything to your business, No need to worry about payroll

Quit worrying about running out of cash. No more late payments.

You dont have to worry about cashflow for you recurrent transactions. Payslice will boost your cashflow and help manage your invoices

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Open a Payslice Business Account
your business opens a payslice account and get a local or international bank account with no hidden fees
Access to capital within 24hours
Get Access Digtal cards
Get started
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A Happy Workforce means everything

We enable your employees to access a portion of their earned pay when they need it, on-demand. ​ We deliver a suite of financial education and management tools, to help your employees make better financial decisions, perks, rewards and cashback to make their money go further. Our technology is built to improve the productivity of your workforce and in turn, the productivity of your organisation.

Refer your Employer

Dedicated Account Manager

We place high premuim on customer satisfaction and feedback, Users gets account manager attached to you

Support staff to help you through creating and managing your account.

Effective Call Quality Monitoring and Assurance.

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Frequently asked questions

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Who can get credit?

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How is my credit line determined?

Is Payslice a bank?

How secure is Payslice?

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